Is the Bible relevant for today?

Many people in our society don’t think so, and our teens are taught that truth is relative: “do whatever you feel is right for you.”

Here at Calvary we take Jesus at His Word and believe it is of utmost importance to impart this to our youth.  Jesus taught the importance of discipleship in His life here on earth. Discipleship has become the heart of this ministry, seeking to guide the students to be followers of Jesus.

If you would like more information on any of our Youth Ministries you need a ride, please call the church at 480.981.3993 between 9am – 3pm Mon-Fri.



CFL Youth group meets Sundays at 6pm in the youth building for games, food and digging deep into God’s Word.

All 7th – 12th graders are welcome! Call the church at 480.981.3993 if you need a ride!

The youth building is to the south of the main church building.



FaithBuilders meets on Tuesdays during the School Year, they are currently on Summer Break.

Calvary invites students in grades 6 – 8 to Faith Builders on Tuesdays after school (4:15 pm).

Kids’ from Smith Junior High are picked up in the parking lot east of the main school building.



Fun at Sunsplash Water Park!

FLY Convention in Estes Park, Colorado

Every two years, there is a national youth gathering of Free Lutheran Youth, though you do not need to be Free Lutheran to attend.

More information about this fun, life changing event is shared through Youth Group and Bible studies.

CFL Youth attended the FLY Convention in Estes Park, Colorado last summer in July 2017!  We look forward to 2019!




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