Monday March, 8 2021 Devotional

"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." - Psalm‬ ‭127:1‬

In my travels staying in the homes of other Christians I’ve often seen a plaque that says, “Only one life; ‘twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.” It’s part of a poem by C.T. Studd, who was a missionary to China, India and Africa a hundred years ago.

It seems to be a part of human nature that we want to build. We want to raise up a farm, a business, a home, and a family. We spend our life working on building the best we can, often at great sacrifice. We deny ourselves other pleasures in order to focus on building whatever it is that we have in mind. That’s a good thing; it’s that disciplined focus that enables us to accomplish anything at all.

But at the end of our earthly life, of all the things we’ve done, what will matter? What things will last, both here on earth, where we leave it behind, and in heaven, where we’ve been “storing up treasure,” as the Lord advised us to do?

Get your marching orders from God. Let Him direct you so that what you choose to focus on building here on earth is done His way, for His glory. Let Him build through you. Seek His approval at each step.

Eternity awaits. What the Lord builds through your life here will last forever.

Lord Jesus, take charge of my day. Help me to build what I do today at Your direction, in a way that pleases You, by the power of Your Spirit. Show me what should be laid aside so that Your purpose can be accomplished in what I do today. Amen. Pastor Dan Giles

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