Saturday 7/31/2021 Devotional by Pastor Dan Giles

“Let the young woman to whom I shall say, 'Please let down your jar that I may drink,' and who shall say, 'Drink, and I will water your camels'—let her be the one whom you have appointed for your servant Isaac. By this I shall know that you have shown steadfast love to my master." Before he had finished speaking, behold, Rebekah, who was born to Bethuel the son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham's brother, came out with her water jar on her shoulder.” ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭24:14-15‬ Abraham’s servant, Eliezer, was on a quest assigned to him by his master. He was to go to the city where Abraham’s relatives lived and find a bride for Isaac there. Eliezer knew that the quest was far too complicated for him to figure it out and get it right by his own wisdom but he was convinced that God had a plan. He knew that finding the right wife for the heir of Abraham was far too important a thing to be left to chance, and Eliezer was a man of faith. Abraham’s faith had clearly rubbed off on him and Abraham knew that he could entrust this task to his care. So, he prayed. He asked God to make His choice of a wife for Isaac clear to him. He asked for a specific answer, and then he waited. In this case he didn’t have to wait long. Before he had finished praying, God had answered him. Rebekah suddenly got the urge to go to the well. She picked up her water jar, and started out right about the time that Eliezer began to pray. By the time he finished his prayer, there she was. God is at work in our lives in ways we can’t imagine. He not only answers our prayers but if we’re listening we find that He guides us to pray according to His will. Lord, give me a heart that listens to You. Open the eyes and ears of my heart and give me understanding of Your Word so that when You call, I listen and respond. Guide my steps this day, and teach me to pray aright, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Pastor Dan Giles

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