Listen to Sermons

Listen to each week’s sermon online!

To listen to previous sermons, click here. Sermon player also has an app for smart phones! To find the app for your phone, click here.

Feel free to listen online to any of the sermons. Simply select the sermon you wish to hear, and click “Play”. If you are looking for a specific sermon, there is a search bar you may use. You can also filter the sermons by the year it was preached, the book of the Bible it was preached from, or the sermon series.

There are also links that enable you to download the bulletin from the Sunday Worship Service by clicking the orange button on the far left. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view this. Here is a link for downloading the required software.

You are also able to download the sermons by clicking the “Details” tab, and then clicking the “MP3” button. You can then listen to them off-line or put them on you portable mp3 device. We encourage you to distribute the material to friends, family, co-workers, etc.; however, we do ask that you would not charge for or alter the content in anyway.