Calvary Update Sunday 8/1/2021

Hello, everyone! The weather here has been much nicer this week; humid but a lot cooler; some areas of gentle rain, mostly at night. Last evening we had a lovely wedding for Jack Coughlan and Ashley Altherr at Calvary. We pray for God’s blessing on their new life together. Pastor Rich started teaching on the first chapter of Revelation in the Sunday Bible Class today. What a wonderful picture of the Lord Jesus we see there! This is going to be a great class. After church today we had a goodbye lunch for Alison Mundfrom, our Parish Builder, who is planning to leave for Minnesota right after church next Sunday. We’re sure going to miss her! I shared a need with the congregation this morning of an $8,000 repair for the refrigeration unit on our older food truck. We depend on this truck a great deal, especially since the reefer can be plugged into an electrical outlet when we need extra cooler space. God touched the hearts of some in the congregation and before we all went home we had been given $4,800 toward this need. God’s blessing is so clearly on our Food Pantry ministry. What a joy it is to have the congregation behind it. Please keep this in prayer, that we will always be doing God’s work in God’s way. Tuesday we have the Life-Line Health Screening going on at church. We have hosted them a couple of times before and they provide a much needed health service for people in our community at a very low cost. On Wednesday we have our church supper at 5:00 (Cindy Spencer is making Spaghetti!) followed by the midweek Bible class st 6:00. Thursday, the Lord willing, I fly to central Mexico to spend a week with our son and two Mexican grandchildren. Pray for me, that my bronchitis flare-up would be all done and I can stay healthy for the week. Leonard Olson will be having a shoulder replacement surgery this week, too. Pray for a quick and full recovery. Pastor Rich will preach next Sunday, since I’ll still be in Mexico. Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. ‭‭(Psalm‬ ‭37:3‬) God is good! Blessings on you this week as you serve Him. His peace be with you. Pastor Dan Giles

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