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Easter Sunday April, 4 2021 Devotional

"It is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ" - Philippians‬ ‭1:9-10‬

The Lord Jesus came as God’s final revelation of Himself to us. He taught us His ways, and He suffered and died on our behalf, taking our sin on Himself and bearing God’s wrath in our place. Having done everything needed for our salvation, He proclaimed from the cross, “It is finished!”

He went to proclaim His victory over sin, death and Hell, and to announce the way of salvation to “the spirits in prison,” those who had already died. He wanted even them to know He had done what He had said He would do; He had kept His promise.

Then He physically rose from the dead. He showed Himself alive to hundreds of His disciples, and sent them to let the rest of us know that the way to heaven is now open. They spread the word that anyone who turns in repentance from their sin and comes to Him will receive forgiveness, salvation, and the home He has prepared for us.

Do you know Him? Have you received Him into your heart yet? Do you know what it means to live with the certainty that in spite of your sin, you are forgiven, accepted and a beloved child of God?

This is real. It’s not a theoretical construct or a self-deluding idea that just makes people feel better about themselves. God will come to you as you trust in Him, and change your life into something really good.

He’ll show you, in time and eternity, the destiny for which He created You, and You will live the life that others can only dream about. Believe us, we’re living proof of it!

Lord Jesus, I believe Your promise of forgiveness, and I know that I need it. Wash away my guilt and make me Your child. Fulfill Your purpose in my life and take me Home to You at the end. Thank You, Lord, for loving me and receiving me. Amen!

Pastor Dan Giles

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